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Stop Obsessing about Strength, Beauty, Weight, Fat….

It is time to let go. The USA is one of the countries with the most obesity in the world. Yes, we are no longer #1. Mexico is. Regardless though it seems that we have an obsession with fitness, youth and being thin. Why is there such a gaping difference between what we want and what is the case for most of us?

Well, I am glad you ask :-). Obviously this is my opinion and I have not researched the matter. I have been a trainer for about 17 years now. Long enough to have worked with hundreds of people and the first thing coming to mind is: There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a healthy weight, (BMI 20-24.9), wanting to be fitter, more athletic or healthy.

It seems though that we are so obsessed with these goals that we often forget that for most people their weight issues are symptoms of deeper underlying problems. No, I am not a psychologist, but I do have (occasionally) some common sense and can put one and one together.

We have the most success with clients not when we employ some magic formula to make fat disappear and muscle appear but when our client actually realizes why they have been eating what they have been eating, whey they cannot stop exercising even injured, etc.

Many things play a role here. At first we usually get to hear that they just enjoy fast food, that it is a habit (I give you that, habits are a strong force). But something formed that habit. Once most people dig deeper there is a reason for our obsession.

Why do you I think it is so important knowing and dealing with the underlying causes for our behavior? Quite simple. If we are truly obsessive about something then I believe we are compensating for something else. This would not be so important if that particular behavior could not lead to injury, eating disorder and a constant source of unhappiness. In addition most successes in fitness are short lived because we tend to inevitably  sabotage ourselves down the road.

I think it is time for us to ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions:

  1. Why am I sitting with a bucket of ice cream in front of the TV?
  2. Why am I running with an injury?
  3. Why am I deadlifting through backpain?
  4. Why….

Knowing these things alone does not help you deal with it. Many different ways can follow. Sometimes it is enough to be aware of it, sometimes a professional can help, you may even try something like a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course.

The journey to a healthier, fitter you is yours. It just ecompasses most of the time more than the physical aspects. It is a journey of mind, body and spirit.

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