When Hopelessness Strikes

You are tired, you might feel like you have no energy. Your workouts suck, and you don’t feel like doing anything. You might have told yourself that you just need to get your act together and get over it. Despite all that, nothing happens, you are still there, in that seemingly dark, endless hole. Does…

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Muscular male body on black background

Having a hard time gaining lean muscle mass?

If your body type is similar to mine (lean, almost lanky) then you will have noticed one particular problem: Lean muscle mass is not easy to come by, quite the contrary: Every time you go out for a run you are jeopardizing the muscle mass you have already built up. Gaining Lean Muscle Mass as…

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Fitness after New Years – Still Going Strong?

We are 12 days in. 12 Days after making New Year’s Resolutions, and, you might be struggling to make it. You have been good for a couple of days, but you might have fallen off the wagon. Reset Now The key thing to success is not perfection. Perfection only happens in utopia. The real world…

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