Do diets work?

Diets Don’t Work, Or Do They?

“I have been doing the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, Low Fat Diet, etc.” I have heard these words thousands of times when people come to us to talk to us about getting help with their nutrition. Some of them had tried multiple diet approaches, others had just tried one or two. What…

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Changing Behavior

The Real Reason Why Accomplishing Fitness Goals Is So Difficult – Science of Change

It was a challenging day. I had been working with Maggy (name changed) for 2 or 3 years. Over the course of time I thought I had done everything to help her accomplish her fat loss goals. I had given her nutrition tips, advice, templates, whole nutrition plans (provided by a dietitian service I employ,…

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Time to step up the fitness game!

How Lack of Sleep Can Trip Up Your Fitness Goals

Less Sleep, more Body Fat You might have guessed it already. There seems to be an inverted relationship of sleep and body fat. The less you sleep the higher the body fat seems to be. I know this is an unpopular notion in a society that embraces either long hours of work,or long hours of…

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Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting personal trainers can help when the scale does not budge

When the Scale Won’t Budge

In Short You might not be eating enough Your protein intake might be too low Exercise 5-7 hours/week for optimal fat loss Include strength training Leave steady state cardio behind Replace rice, potatoes, etc with non starchy vegetables You have been doing everything: You have exercised regularly. reduced your food intake and…. the damn scale…

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