Safe training at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Do these two steps to decrease shoulder issues while benching!

My shoulder hurts, I cannot do that! My personal trainers and I hear this so many times. Most of the time we are able to fix the movement and are able to guide people to save and sound movement patterns that let’s them train hard and succeed with their goals. One common problem arising is…

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Empowering Women at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

How Strong Can Women Be?

Are Women Weak? Uh oh, I did it, I touched a topic that is a pretty “touchy” one at its best. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thankfully we have different tastes. This blog is not about beauty. I don’t care if you like to be thin, toned, more muscular, or on…

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Single leg squats at personal training facility Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Why Single Side Exercises Can Give You Nicer….

butt, arms, shoulders, back….you name it. If you are expecting a rant against bilateral exercises, go look somewhere else. If you are looking for an explanation why you should include unilateral exercises in your fitness routine then you should read on. I am so used to including these exercises into my personal training client’s training routines…

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Functional Training at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

5 Steps To Reduce Back Pain and Knee Pain

In short: Foam Rolling glutes, hamstrings & back can reduce adhesions in your back Stretching is not all that it claims to be in regards to back pain Your patella is not tracking badly, your glutes are not doing their job.  Hip stabilization & functional movement can reduce your pain Don’t load up dysfunction Foam…

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When Motivation To Work Out Fades

You have done it…what now? There are two different scenarios for loss of motivation: You have worked so hard for it. For months if not years you have worked on accomplishing your goal. You have got the job, you accomplished your weight loss, you did your race,… you name it. Now you feel sort of let down…

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Great Butt…Stable Hip!

We have been talking a lot about the mental part of training. This post is all about your behind, your tush, your booty, call it whatever you want! It is one of the most discussed topics in your life, think about it. People want a bigger one, a smaller one, want to get rid of…

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Extreme Makeover vs. Slow and Steady?

Fast changes in nutrition & fitness versus the turtle approach! We are always looking for a right and a wrong. Maybe we need to forget about that… at least when it comes to fitness. One approach rarely is for everybody. We are all created not equal but equally different. Our individual minds differ very much,…

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