Do diets work?

Diets Don’t Work, Or Do They?

“I have been doing the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, Low Fat Diet, etc.” I have heard these words thousands of times when people come to us to talk to us about getting help with their nutrition. Some of them had tried multiple diet approaches, others had just tried one or two. What…

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Our environment influences our fitness success

Your Environment Can Determine Your Success!

Many of us think of ourselves as doers. As people who don’t need anyone. We take care of business. We handle our lives independently…or so we believe. It is time to wake up. The “Lone Ranger”, the person “Who Can Do Anything” is a myth, and the faster we stop believing our own bullsh**t, the…

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Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting personal trainers can help when the scale does not budge

When the Scale Won’t Budge

In Short You might not be eating enough Your protein intake might be too low Exercise 5-7 hours/week for optimal fat loss Include strength training Leave steady state cardio behind Replace rice, potatoes, etc with non starchy vegetables You have been doing everything: You have exercised regularly. reduced your food intake and…. the damn scale…

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Fitness after New Years – Still Going Strong?

We are 12 days in. 12 Days after making New Year’s Resolutions, and, you might be struggling to make it. You have been good for a couple of days, but you might have fallen off the wagon. Reset Now The key thing to success is not perfection. Perfection only happens in utopia. The real world…

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Extreme Makeover vs. Slow and Steady?

Fast changes in nutrition & fitness versus the turtle approach! We are always looking for a right and a wrong. Maybe we need to forget about that… at least when it comes to fitness. One approach rarely is for everybody. We are all created not equal but equally different. Our individual minds differ very much,…

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Nutrition: One Habit 80% Success, Two Habits 20% Success?

Changing more than one habit sets you up for failure! We all know the feeling of New Year coming around. A new beginning. A new way of getting it done. This time I will go to the gym, eat healthy, cut out soda, eat veggies, stop eating fried food….The list is almost endless. This is also…

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What my 2 1/2 year old son taught me about nutrition!

During my years as a personal trainer I had many teachers, professors, trainers, and more who have taught me a lot. One of the most unlikely teachers about nutrition though, was my 2.5 years old son. Today was not the first time that I noticed his behavior, it was just the first time I thought…

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