Michael & Michael: Was the Second Spartan Sprint as good as the first one?

This past weekend Michael Angel and I did our second Spartan Sprint together. Michael had struggled with his health a lot earlier this year. Our usual training together was much more spotty than the first time due to health and other important issues. We had signed up for the Concord Spartan Race shortly after doing the…

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Do diets work?

Diets Don’t Work, Or Do They?

“I have been doing the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, Low Fat Diet, etc.” I have heard these words thousands of times when people come to us to talk to us about getting help with their nutrition. Some of them had tried multiple diet approaches, others had just tried one or two. What…

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Changing Behavior

The Real Reason Why Accomplishing Fitness Goals Is So Difficult – Science of Change

It was a challenging day. I had been working with Maggy (name changed) for 2 or 3 years. Over the course of time I thought I had done everything to help her accomplish her fat loss goals. I had given her nutrition tips, advice, templates, whole nutrition plans (provided by a dietitian service I employ,…

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Time to step up the fitness game!

How Lack of Sleep Can Trip Up Your Fitness Goals

Less Sleep, more Body Fat You might have guessed it already. There seems to be an inverted relationship of sleep and body fat. The less you sleep the higher the body fat seems to be. I know this is an unpopular notion in a society that embraces either long hours of work,or long hours of…

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Beginner’s Travel Workout for Hotel Rooms

Busy is the Lifestyle I know you are busy, we all are. Travelling though can really derail us. The combination of potential jet lag, hotel bed, hotel/restaurant food can completely throw us of our track. I know it because I have been there. Now I will admit there are times (especially visiting home in Germany) when…

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The Story Behind Michael Carrying Michael Through A Spartan Race

The Background This story started about 3 years ago. Michael Angel’s attendant called me one afternoon and wanted to set up an appointment with me for personal training. That is all I knew. I was wondering who this person was who had a personal attendant. I still chuckle sometimes at my reaction. Michael and I met…

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Safe training at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Do these two steps to decrease shoulder issues while benching!

My shoulder hurts, I cannot do that! My personal trainers and I hear this so many times. Most of the time we are able to fix the movement and are able to guide people to save and sound movement patterns that let’s them train hard and succeed with their goals. One common problem arising is…

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Working with disordered eating at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Stop Obsessing about Strength, Beauty, Weight, Fat….

It is time to let go. The USA is one of the countries with the most obesity in the world. Yes, we are no longer #1. Mexico is. Regardless though it seems that we have an obsession with fitness, youth and being thin. Why is there such a gaping difference between what we want and…

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mindfulness is a crucial element at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting transformations

5 Min Eating Meditation – Coming to Peace with Food

We live in a hectic world. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. We all have our rituals when we get up, go to work, how to handle work, spend our leisure time. Rarely nowadays do we spend any time without a TV, tablet, phone or some other multimedia device. As much as they seem…

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Empowering Women at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

How Strong Can Women Be?

Are Women Weak? Uh oh, I did it, I touched a topic that is a pretty “touchy” one at its best. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thankfully we have different tastes. This blog is not about beauty. I don’t care if you like to be thin, toned, more muscular, or on…

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