It Cannot Be Always Fun!

Life or Training is not always fun – Go deeper!

We are in a fun centered society. We want to have fun in everything. Well, I am sorry to have to break it to you. The world is not always fun and play. Sometimes we have to put our back into it, really grind it out, we sweat, we cry, we might even bleed. Nobody will be able to sell me that she or he perceives that as fun. If you read my “I did it! Did you?” post you remember me writing about my son’s struggles to climb a difficult obstacle, crying out of frustration, but not willing to give up. My son sure did not perceive the climb as fun. Once he was on top of the obstacle though,  he was fulfilled with exhilaration, success, and a deeper sense of accomplishment.

stepping stones in a garden

Stepping Stones to a Meaningful Life - image by Mitchell Kearney Photography

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with having a good time. I love to have fun as much as the next person but that is simply not reality in every moment. The things that truly give us lasting satisfaction are often the things that make us work for it, when we had to endure hardship, and in the end succeeded.

Chasing Happiness

I think we sometimes are so much in pursuit of happiness that happiness itself becomes a struggle.
We want to be happy with our body, with our job, with our spouse or partner, with our children, when we forget something that Eleanor Roosevelt put so accurately:
“Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product!”
So basically we are chasing our tail like a dog running in a circle.
Happiness is a result of the meaning we put into every moment of life, with each moment being an opportunity to do it again, even if we failed to do so in the past.

What does hardship have to do with it?

I heard the serenity prayer used by the Alcoholics Anonymous for the first time a couple of years back when a friend went through the program.
As I continued my journey through life I remembered it a couple of weeks ago when going through some hard times.
I actually looked up the most well known version attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr 1951). Now, don’t beat me up for looking it up on Wikipedia...

One part of it goes as follows:

"...Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,..."

These three lines remind me constantly not to look always into the future or the past, be in the moment, give meaning to the moment and know that hardship is not necessarily something negative in the long run but actually an opportunity to find true peace and happiness through the meaning I give life. The important part for me is that I give life meaning. Nobody can do that for me. I cannot live another person's life nor do I want to.

Finding meaning in the hardships that come our way.

This is the most difficult for me. Oh, it is easy to agree when I am doing well and look back at my life at that moment, but to see it right then and there, that does not come easy to me.


When I struggle with my relationships, life, training, eating, you name it, I try to have some compassion for myself and see that there is more behind it than me struggling. I attempt to see that those moments are an opportunity for me to learn something valuable that I might be able to pass on to others or simply learn for myself.
It also allows me to push through the moment of discomfort, and continue on my journey.

Success for me:  To give meaning to life in every breath!

Have an inspiring day,


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