Single leg squats at personal training facility Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Why Single Side Exercises Can Give You Nicer….

butt, arms, shoulders, back….you name it. If you are expecting a rant against bilateral exercises, go look somewhere else. If you are looking for an explanation why you should include unilateral exercises in your fitness routine then you should read on. I am so used to including these exercises into my personal training client’s training routines…

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Silhouette woman run under blue sky with clouds

If You Run Don’t Lift Weights….If

Over the course of time I have seen many a runner who would claim that they either don’t need to lift weights or at least not train their legs because of their running. Of course over the last couple of years this mindset has changed. Nonetheless we still come across it on occasion. For that…

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Our environment influences our fitness success

Your Environment Can Determine Your Success!

Many of us think of ourselves as doers. As people who don’t need anyone. We take care of business. We handle our lives independently…or so we believe. It is time to wake up. The “Lone Ranger”, the person “Who Can Do Anything” is a myth, and the faster we stop believing our own bullsh**t, the…

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Functional Training at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

5 Steps To Reduce Back Pain and Knee Pain

In short: Foam Rolling glutes, hamstrings & back can reduce adhesions in your back Stretching is not all that it claims to be in regards to back pain Your patella is not tracking badly, your glutes are not doing their job.  Hip stabilization & functional movement can reduce your pain Don’t load up dysfunction Foam…

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Fitness after New Years – Still Going Strong?

We are 12 days in. 12 Days after making New Year’s Resolutions, and, you might be struggling to make it. You have been good for a couple of days, but you might have fallen off the wagon. Reset Now The key thing to success is not perfection. Perfection only happens in utopia. The real world…

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When Motivation To Work Out Fades

You have done it…what now? There are two different scenarios for loss of motivation: You have worked so hard for it. For months if not years you have worked on accomplishing your goal. You have got the job, you accomplished your weight loss, you did your race,… you name it. Now you feel sort of let down…

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one leg squat weight

The Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Failure in Fitness!

I have been a personal trainer since about 1998. During this time I have seen many people succeed. They lost the weight they wanted to lose, gained the muscle they wanted, performed in their sport and accomplished other great goals. But what is even more striking is that I have seen more people fail than…

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Suffering as part of Meaning

Hello everyone, I just read an interesting book: Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning“. Besides being a very deeply moving book about the experiences of a man in the concentration camp of Auschwitz, it is a book that gives food for thought. I have many times thought what is the meaning of my life, first as…

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Fitness training can be difficult

Slow and Steady vs Fast and Furious?

In personal training we often run into the question on how to progress a client’s training. Are we going for fast results or are we going to go slowly and steadily? Well both approaches have their pros and cons. It is not nearly as obvious as you might think initially. Let’s look at it in…

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