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How Strong Can Women Be?

Are Women Weak?

Uh oh, I did it, I touched a topic that is a pretty “touchy” one at its best. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thankfully we have different tastes. This blog is not about beauty. I don’t care if you like to be thin, toned, more muscular, or on the curvy side. I also don’t care what your preference is in your partner should you be a guy reading this.

I strongly feel that we need to go away from one beauty ideal and acknowledge that mankind comes in all shapes and sizes, no matter what they look like or what you or I prefer in an aesthetic sense.

I digress… Today’s blog is about strength and the absurd believe that women cannot be strong without taking mega-doses of steroids, HGH, and look like a male bodybuilder.

The bad news

Women’s strength seems to rate overall anywhere from 42 % to 66% of their male counterparts.

You are not weak

So you might say: “See Michael, you are full of crap. I am weak!” You might be right….at the moment. Yes, you do not nearly have the same levels of testosterone, HGH as a male has. You would be a male if you did. Regardless of that I have seen women perform amazing feats of strength & endurance way better than most of their male counterparts.

The reasons for that: Tenacity. Sticking with it, being consistent and an amazing ability to work hard when others give up.

I have some female clients who are a lot stronger than many men. The amazing thing? They still look like women. They are fit & toned, they have an athletic female body. Nobody would ever doubt that they are women.

Women can…

  1. Do chin ups or pull ups
  2. Do single leg squats
  3. Do deadlifts with several 100 lbs
  4. Bench press more than 200 lbs
  5. Women can do All Of That and still go out at night and look cute, or hot or whatever they go for.

Call to Action

Be your own woman. If someone does not like what you do, shrug your shoulders and tell them (mentally) to stick it. They don’t matter. You matter, what your goals and desires are matters. Work your ass off and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do it because you are a woman, or worse, should not do it because it does not behoove you (always wanted to use that word) as such.

Have an awesome day and inspire this world,




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