Beginner’s Travel Workout for Hotel Rooms

Busy is the Lifestyle

I know you are busy, we all are. Travelling though can really derail us. The combination of potential jet lag, hotel bed, hotel/restaurant food can completely throw us of our track. I know it because I have been there. Now I will admit there are times (especially visiting home in Germany) when I intentionally let it slide. But that does not happen that often.

Now let us just assume that you are travelling frequently for work or in your leisure time. You end up in a hotel, you are too tired to go to the hotel gym or the hotel does not have one.

This is a workout that is designed for beginners. It does not take long and you can do anywhere from 1-5 sets of each exercise. All you need for this workout is a TRX and a chair.

Travel Workout

You can do this workout in sequence:

  1. Push ups (10-20)
  2. Fast Body Weight Squats (15-25)
  3. TRX Rows (10-20)
  4. TRX Bicycle (30-60s)
  5. Plank (30-60s).

This workout is fast. It covers your main muscle groups and is great when you are in a pinch, tired , don’t have a hotel gym or all three.

Cardio Elements

If you are looking to increase the intensity a little bit here are a couple of cardiovascular elements that you can throw in.

  1. High knee runs (30s)
  2. Jumping jacks (30s)
  3. High heel runs. ((45s)

You can simply insert those after each exercise.

What about my breaks

If you are not inserting cardio elements into your workout just simply do one exercise after the other. If you are inserting cardio elements into it then take a 30-60s break after two exercises before proceeding.

Alright. simple workout easy enough to do. Let’s get to it!



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